Increase Customer Confidence

Essendant's Ratings and Review service provides your website with real feedback from other end users, helping push new customers from the “consideration” stage to the point of purchase.

Watch this short video to learn how you can make sure when visitors ask ‘should I buy this’,  your website has the content to answer ‘yes’.

Why Reviews Are Important:

  • Customers trust in eCommerce websites that have reviews from actual customers.

  • Shoppers can get an understanding of the product’s strengths and weaknesses, businesses often see a reduction in returns and abandoned carts after integrating a ratings and review service on their website.

  • Shoppers now look to this type of user generated content to answer a variety of questions, essentially moving them from the consideration stage to purchasing.  Don’t let a website visitor doubt their purchasing decision and leave before placing an order. Get the ‘yes’ and get the order!

Essendant's Ratings and Reviews Service:

Capture and display product star ratings and written reviews from end users, right on your website!

Populated Reviews:

Once activated on your website, you will gain access to a volume of reviews from suppliers and customers. Through our partnership with Bazaarvoice and suppliers, you will gain instant access to over 1.3 million reviews across Essendant’s top product categories.

Growing Your Database of Reviews:

The service also gives your customers the ability to write a review or submit a rating for a product they bought from you - right on your website! To proactively request reviews from your customers, you can activate the Request for Reviews automated email program.* Through the Request for Reviews email program, the system will automatically trigger notifications to customers, after they receive their purchase, and provide links back to your website for customers to submit a rating and review of their purchase.

*Request for Reviews automated email program requires enrollment in one of Essendant's email programs and Essendant's Digital Analytics service.

Administrator Tools:

Monitor and approve all reviews entered on your website. Request revisions from your customers (if needed) for any review to ensure the information is appropriate and relevant to the item.


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